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[ElfstoneLARP] Mystical Realms Newsletter for May, 2010



And welcome to my newsletter for May, 2010! Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think would be interested in keeping up with me! To receive these newsletters regularly, please drop me an email or subscribe online from my website ( ) or at: . Notices of events and items of interest are at the bottom of this email.

Pitchers ==============

I have posted three new painting images on my website. These are "Strider", "Vingilot", and "The Grey Pilgrim". You can see all of them by going to and clicking on the "Newest Works" button on the top of the page. As always, these and all of the works in my online galleries are available as signed and numbered limited-edition giclee prints.

Do let me know how these new works strike you!

Ponderings ==============

Chapter 2: The Abbot

Aran, Br. to me: 21 Dec
Father Abbot,

Am preparing to return. Br. Azarias of Buckfast sends regards and hopes to see you in Rome when next he visits. There was a small fire at the abbey during my stay, but all else uneventful. Please keep me in your prayers.

Father Hildebrand read the note again. There was no mistake. He had been handed the message by his secretary a moment before as he entered his office.


Thus begins the second chapter in an untitled (for the present) tale that I'm posting in serial form. To read all of "The Abbot", please visit my website at and click on the "Stories" link just below the news and events window. From the "Stories" page you can download a .pdf file of Chapter 2 as well as of Chapter 1, "Tintagel", that was included in last month's "Ponderings".

Do let me know what you think of this story as it unfolds! If there is sufficient interest, I will continue posting new chapters as I'm able…

Prospects ===================

- The Banbury Museum in North Oxfordshire (see ) is hosting an exhibit entitled "Inspiring Middle-earth" from 24 April through 19 June, 2010. It will feature original works by Ted Nasmith, Ruth Lacon, Peter Pracownik and myself, and is the first of two shows. The second will feature works inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit", and will coincide with the release of the first of the two films based on that book.

- Volume 3 of "Silver Leaves", the journal of the White Tree Fund ( will be released on Saturday, May 15. It will feature Tolkien/Fantasy Art and Artists as its theme. The issue is now available for preorder, and it should prove a worthy follow-on to Volumes 1 and 2. I've not seen the final layout, but I believe it may include a short article plus a few of my painting images in addition to the work of many other excellent artists.

- MythCon 41, the 41st annual conference of the U.S. Mythopoeic Society, will be held this July 9-12 in Dallas, and I will be attending (see ). I will be presenting two papers at this year's gathering, the theme of which is War in Heaven. At my first talk, which is entitled Fanning the Secret Fire: Sub-Creation as a Spiritual Voyage, I will discuss my work on Black & White Ogre Country as well as on the new illustrated edition of Fouque's The Magic Ring. At the second, I'll be presenting a talk entitled A Journey Through Middle-earth: Sketches and Paintings of Tolkien's World. It should be a great time! Why not join us?

- The next full exhibition at Moreton in Marsh, "The Edge of the Wild", will be held August 13-16th. This is a free event, and it will feature not only the latest works from Ted Nasmith, Ruth Lacon and myself, but also will serve as a celebration of the new Hilary Tolkien book, "Wheelbarrows at Dawn: Memories of Hilary Tolkien". In addition, copies of my own new work, an illustrated edition of "The Magic Ring" by Fouque, will also be available at the exhibit. Details and updates will be announced on the ADC Art & Books website ( ), on the "Edge of the Wild" Facebook page, and on my website ( .

- For those in or around Wales August 13-15th , please keep in mind that in addition to "Edge of the Wild", there will be a general Tolkien and fantasy-themed conference and exhibition just over the Welsh border. The "Festival in the Shire" ( ) looks to be a great venue for Tolkien fans and scholars. I am sorry to say that I will be unable to attend the event, but some of my artwork will be on display, and many other excellent Tolkien artists will have their work exhibited. The intent is to make this a yearly event, and with luck I hope to attend future gatherings.

- For folks interested in original paintings and sketches or prints of my work, please take a look at the ADC Art and Books online catalog at It features Tolkien-themed works by Ted Nasmith, Ruth Lacon, Peter Pracownik, and myself. In addition, you'll find collectible items (e.g. Black & White Ogre Country: The Lost Tales of Hilary Tolkien) and rare books featured in the catalog and on the website.

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